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The Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (Indigenous Chamber) was established by Warren Mundine, George Newhouse and Shane Phillips to promote and serve the interests of Indigenous Australians through economic independence.

The group arose from the Prime Minister’s 20/20 Summit in 2008 with participants commenting on the urgent and critical need to promote Indigenous business endeavors and integrate them into corporate Australia. The initial goals of the Indigenous Chamber are to generate employment, mentoring, joint-venture and investment opportunities as the basis for self reliance and economic prosperity.

The Indigenous Chamber is a not-for-profit organisation whose philosophy is that Indigenous Australians must compete in employment and enterprise on an equal basis, provided they are given the encouragement, resources and support to do so.

The establishment of originated from the difficulties expressed by business and government agencies in locating Indigenous employees. The Directors of the Indigenous Chamber saw the need to establish a national site to bring together Indigenous employees and employers.

Our Mission

The Indigenous Chamber aims to:

  • Mentor and develop indigenous business
  • Provide collaborative business opportunities for its members and stakeholders
  • Implement and encourage employment programmes creating real sustainable jobs in partnership with its members and other Indigenous businesses and communities.
  • Provide educational, professional development and formalised programmes for its members.
  • Facilitate and support its members and Indigenous communities in relation to Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) opportunities for Indigenous Australia.
  • Establish and host an annual Indigenous business of the year award

The solutions to Indigenous poverty are complex and they require a collaborative partnership between Indigenous communities, Corporate Australia and Government at all levels but there are many opportunities for Indigenous employment and enterprise.

Our Vision

We aim to increase opportunities for Indigenous Australians to participate in mainstream Australian life and in the economy whilst recognising and respecting the history and culture of Indigenous Australians.

Our Objectives

The Company is a public benevolent institution established to relieve disadvantage, distress, misfortune, destitution, helplessness, suffering, sickness or poverty of Indigenous Australians, and to improve the conditions, welfare, prospects and economic independence of Indigenous Australians in need.

Recognising that such disadvantage, distress, misfortune, destitution, helplessness, suffering, sickness or poverty results from the dispossession of Indigenous Australians from their land without compensation, a lack of education, a lack of capital and a lack of self assuredness, as a result of which they have become socially spiritually and economically disempowered, the Company shall:

  • provide services, support, assistance and education to Indigenous Australians in need to:
  • establish, develop, promote and advance the businesses and business relationships of Indigenous Australians;
  • promote employment, work, vocations and careers of Indigenous Australians;
  • assist in the survival of Indigenous Australian communities by encouraging sustainable business development and jobs to create a viable economy;
  • encourage non-Indigenous people to work and deal with Indigenous Australians in need to further the objectives set out in 0;
  • conduct, facilitate or support research in economic policy and social outcomes in relation to Indigenous Australians in need and their communities to further the objectives set out in 0;
  • promote social, economic and legislative reforms to further the objectives set out in 0; and
  • represent and advance the interests of Indigenous Australians in need.

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