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The Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) is a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in placing and mentoring Aboriginal people into employment. The AES employs 76 Indigenous staff; we have direct relationships with a further 1500 job placements plus more than 200 school-based trainees preparing to enter the workforce.We are a relationship company; we provide mentoring and support to employees and employers to build relationships that give employers a better understanding of Aboriginal people and culture.

We work with Aboriginal people who want to make a change in their lives. The AES is the best vehicle for Corporate Australia to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees. Our corporate partners include some of Australia’s largest companies as well as local businesses in your community. The AES is committed to the Indigenous Jobs Website and views the website as another employment vehicle in positively changing the lives of Aboriginal Australians.

The AES’ key business drivers are:

· Employment Services

· Group Training Organisation

· Registered Training Organisation

· Talent Management

· Youth Entrepreneurial Program

· Ambassador Program

The AES is 100% managed and staffed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We place people into real jobs across regional and suburban Australia.Our placements work because we match the right people with the right jobs.

We have a proven methodology of supporting both the employee and employer over the first 26 weeks of employment. People we place into jobs receive monthly support from an AES Employment Coordinator they trust and who understand how to bridge Indigenous culture and full time work. The level of support can be tailored to suit the client.

We are members of the communities we work in. We have strong connections with your local Aboriginal community which helps us to manage our clients’ individual needs. We are not a Job Network agency; we work with the business and Aboriginal communities to achieve practical job outcomes.

We believe that placing Aboriginal people in sustainable, rewarding jobs has a profound impact on their self esteem and confidence, and positively impacts on their family and community.

The AES unites communities by placing Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in work together. We encourage cultural pride and become conduits of reconciliation in our communities. We work for Aboriginal people who want to help themselves.

Our Employment Coordinators visit businesses and build relationships between the Aboriginal community and the commercial world. We believe offering Government subsidies lowers self esteem. We don’t ask people to change – we create pathways for people who want to change.

Our goal is to build a strong, proud Aboriginal middle class which generates positive peer pressure. We want communities to reach their potential.

Our goal is to place Indigenous Australians in sustainable employment.Delivering Aboriginal people into fulfilling paid employment is a practical way to achieve reconciliation.

Cultural diversity is good for employers and good for business. The AES is committed to transforming the cultural make-up of Australian workplaces, across all sectors and on all levels.We want Indigenous faces in workplaces to become the norm.

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